Burgers Near Me

Five Tips for Finding the Best Burgers Near Me

There are plenty of places that offer burgers near me and dinner near me. How do you know which are the best and which ones you should avoid? Here are six tips to help you stay ahead of the game.


  • Check Reviews - People are passionate about their burgers. What have other customers said about the burgers at a particular restaurant? You may be surprised by what you can learn from the reviews.

  • Service Matters - While taste is obviously a top concern, don’t forget about the service a restaurant offers. Find a place that is friendly and you are more likely to be wowed by the burgers too.

  • Variety is the Spice of Life - Look at the burger menu and see what variations are available. You don’t want to fall back on that same old same old burger when you could try something new and exciting. However, don’t feel pressured into eating something too exotic if a regular burger is what you crave.

  • Great Drinks - More than just the food, a great meal comes down to the drinks. We have freshly brewed coffee, tea, mimosas, Canadian and American beer and wine options and all your favorite kinds of milk and juices too. Or treat yourself to a Canadian Crown Royal cocktail! When you pair a great meal with a great beverage you are sure to leave the table feeling happy, full and completely satisfied.

  • Quality Ingredients - Better ingredients make better burgers. Look at the ingredients that a restaurant uses when they make their burgers to see if they use the same products you would use for yourself. When they spend more for good ingredients you’re likely to be impressed by the burger.

  • Ask Around - Do you have any friends or family members that are burger lovers? Ask for some suggestions on what places they have been impressed by. Word of mouth advertising is huge for people in the restaurant business.


As always, we think that Maple Bacon (A Canadian-style restaurant located deep in the heart of Texas) has simply the best burgers near me and dinner near me in general. We invite you to come out and try your favorite today. We are sure that you will be wowed and excited to take your taste buds to new places!